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Your team did a fantastic job at our surprise 50th Birthday.
Darrin showed up on time to start setting up. Jan and Bruce arrived, introduced themselves and were ready to start the night as the first guest arrived.
The personalized fake money was a nice touch! Our guests were both new & experienced at Blackjack & Craps and they both commented on how much fun they had.

One guest mentioned that Bruce remembered everyone's name!
I'll be sure to recommend Funtastic Events to anyone looking for a great addition to their party.
Thanks Again!

Casino Party Testimonial

Thank you guys !
We had a great time.
Your crew did an awesome job and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Organizing a graduation party in the family is really hard. Just thinking about the ways you can make everyone happy, especially the graduate is really hard to do especially now that time is really tough and prices everywhere are so high. There are possible questions running through your mind about various details concerning this party.

Your first thing to consider is the food selection, because it usually comprises about 60% of the budget. Often a simple buffet menu is best. Finger food is usually preferred. You can also buy a cheap chocolate fountain to dress up your buffet table. Have marshmallows, pretzels and strawberries available for dipping.

Everything about graduation party should be co-related with the graduation event itself. The theme should also be about graduation and everyone needs to wear graduation gowns as well. One very popular theme is the Casino Party. It’s very interactiveCasino Theme graduation party and allows the graduates to win prizes.

Aside from the commencement, organizing the party can be really exhausting and stressful so let an important person handle this on your behalf. It may be your mom, sister or any other family members. With a graduation theme, everything needs to be organized, the cake, the streamers and more.

You can order a custom cake at a local bakery or ice cream shop. They typically will have molds and cake toppers with the graduation theme.

You can easily arrange for this party using these ideas:

  1. Make a guest list, this way, you will be able to make graduation gowns request in agreement with those interested to attend the party. Often it’s best to require a RSVP, so you can plan accordingly. It will also save you from overspending.
  2. In creating a food list, you should include in the foodstuff plan and ribbons together with the graduation gowns enhanced and curved veggies. You can also include pastries in the dessert. Parties can be easily molded with graduation gowns meant once you are ready to start. You can discuss this with the whole family so you can easily decide what foods to serve.
  3. You can make several graduation gown placard as well. These things can be easily done using your computer.
  4. Keepsakes are a nice addition to a graduation party. You can have a caricature artist draw each attendees picture, and they’ll be able to take it home and frame it. Another idea is a party video. Simply record your party and then email it out to all the guests. You might even have someone with technical skills do the editing to make it more professional.


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